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Using a helicopter flight control system as an example, this article describes a systematic and automated method for tuning all controller parameters at once subject to standard performance and robustness requirements.
Jan 2014
A fully automated MCL modeled in Simulink and Simscape enables researchers to accurately simulate cardiac conditions and dynamics to evaluate the performance of cardiac assist devices.
Nov 2013
Tips and techniques to make your model run faster.
Jun 2012
Use simulation to design and verify complex control strategies in a model—then reuse the model to automatically generate IEC 61131 structured text to program the PLC for deployment.
Oct 2011
This paper examines options for developing a system-level simulation model using noncausal (or acausal) modeling methods and presents techniques for physical model development and reduction.
Dec 2009
Even engineers who are not controls experts can quickly design and tune PID controllers using this simple method.
Nov 2009
This paper shows how a vehicle’s geometry can be optimized, control coefficients calculated, open-loop plant model created, flight controller designed, and closed-loop simulation run, to confirm that system-level requirements are satisfied.
Nov 2007
As any airline passenger who has experienced moderate turbulence knows, an aircraft is not a rigid structure. In certain circumstances, the complex interaction between the flexible structure and the aerodynamics can produce undesirable effects.
Nov 2007

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