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With MATLAB integrated into the physics curriculum, Siena College students develop practical skills—starting in their first year—that they will use throughout their studies and beyond.
Nov 2012
Three techniques for finding a control strategy for optimal operation of a hydroelectric dam: using a nonlinear optimization algorithm, a nonlinear optimization algorithm with derivative functions, and quadratic programming.
Oct 2012
A challenging controls project gives many students the skills of seasoned engineers well before they graduate.
Feb 2012
MATLAB implementations of the three algorithms most widely used to compute hundreds or trillions of digits of π.
Oct 2011
MATLAB and an innovative "inverted classroom" model help liberal arts students hone their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Oct 2011
This article demonstrates how to ease the calculation and use of gradients using Symbolic Math Toolbox™.
Mar 2010
To determine whether the wing design of a small passenger aircraft meets strength requirements, we derive analytical models of the loads and bending moments on the wing using the notebook interface in Symbolic Math Toolbox.
Jul 2009
Cleve Moler explains the benefits and drawbacks of using floating-point numbers.
Oct 1996

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