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A challenging controls project gives many students the skills of seasoned engineers well before they graduate.
Feb 2012
Even engineers who are not controls experts can quickly design and tune PID controllers using this simple method.
Nov 2009
As any airline passenger who has experienced moderate turbulence knows, an aircraft is not a rigid structure. In certain circumstances, the complex interaction between the flexible structure and the aerodynamics can produce undesirable effects.
Nov 2007
Eager to get home to Dayton, Ohio, for Christmas, Orville and Wilbur Wright rolled their Flyer out of its shed and onto rails laid on the hard, frozen sand, and decided to risk the 25 mph wind gusts.
Nov 2003
In this technical example, we examine how to use SimMechanics to model physical components, synthesize controllers, and simulate the closed loop performance of a Stewart Platform, a six degrees-of-freedom positioning system.
Sep 2002

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