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  • The UK STEM Skills Gap

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  • Risking the Future:
    The Financial Services
    Skills Gap

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  • Student Teams Use MATLAB and Simulink in the Formula Student Germany Racing Competition

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  • MathWorks Talks to
    Design News About
    Model-Based Design for Automation Control

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  • Students Benefit from Simulink Built-in Support for Low-cost Hardware Platforms

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  • Dr. Richard Gran: What Is Simulation?

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News Coverage

Electronics Maker
9 Jul 2014
In the aerospace and defense industry, modeling and simulation of aircrafts as well as spacecraft’s has always been a core part
Aerospace Engineering
9 Jul 2014
Simulations for safety
Military & Aerospace Electronics
10 Jun 2014
Software design and development tools help systems integrators do more with less
EE Times
4 Jun 2014
Design Cars Like Planes, Use Them Like Cellphones: Model-Based Design Comes to Automobiles

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