From improving performance and product quality to reducing development time and advancing scientific discovery, MATLAB and Simulink help engineers and scientists overcome their most difficult research and technical challenges. See how users in industry and education are transforming the way they work using MATLAB and Simulink products.

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Lockheed Martin Space Systems IRIS
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Develops GN&C System for IRIS Satellite with Model-Based Design

Carnegie Wave Energy
Carnegie Wave Energy Designs and Builds the World’s First Operating Wave Farm

BuildingIQ Develops Proactive Algorithms for HVAC Energy Optimization in Large-Scale Buildings

Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Université Pierre et Marie Curie Students Model, Simulate, and Control Mechatronic Rehabilitation Systems

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In Users' Own Words

BT Optimizes System Performance of Femtocell Deployment  
Researchers use MATLAB® to gain insights into performance of LTE small cell deployments.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – National Aerospace Laboratories Develops and Certifies High-Integrity Software  new
Engineers automate the development and code generation for a stall warning system and interface for twin-engine, light transport aircraft.

University of Washington Researches Biological Movement and Control  
Researchers use MATLAB® to understand biological movement and synthesize controllers to achieve similar performance.

University of Oxford Solves Large-Scale Optimal Control Problems for Hybrid Vehicle Powertrains  new
Researchers optimize fuel usage and system interactions in Formula 1 cars.

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