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Ashok Leyland Optimizes Commercial Vehicle Suspension Design 2:27 
Engineers use MATLAB to design suspension systems and quickly analyze ride and handling, reducing the number of prototypes.

BAE Systems Designs Next-Generation Aircraft Control Systems 2:10 
Engineers develop aircraft control system models that meet evolving UAV certification standards and can be shared between departments and with partners.

BAE Systems Surface Ships Develops On-Board Trainer Plant Simulation 3:02 
Engineers model and simulate the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer’s physical systems and generate production C code for the training system.

Bell Helicopter Ensures a Flawless First Flight 4:39 
Engineers use simulation and automatic code generation for iterative design and development and rapid prototyping of the world’s first civilian tiltrotor.

DLR Robotics and Mechatronics Center Develops Real-Time Control for Humanoid Robotic Systems 2:23 
Engineers develop a complex control system that enables machine learning for an autonomous humanoid robot.

Fischer Francis Trees & Watts Accelerates the Pace of Quantitative Research 2:17 
Financial analysts develop algorithms, perform backtesting, and visualize key metrics to interpret data and refine customer portfolio strategies.

GeisterZähmer Develops and Back-Tests Investment Strategies 2:20 
Financial analysts develop strategies to deliver the highest absolute and risk-adjusted returns among peer European hedge funds.

Georg-August Universität Göttingen Teaches Modeling and Analysis to Future Geologists 2:28 
Professor Holzbecher uses MATLAB® to teach optimization, quantification, modeling, statistics, data analysis, visualization, and mapping.

IAV Designs a Universal ECU for On-Target Rapid Prototyping 4:43 
Automotive engineers develop a flexible, reusable ECU in an on-target rapid prototyping environment using production code generation.

Intuitive Analytics Grows Revenue with Rapid Development 2:13 
Financial analysts develop algorithms, perform backtesting, and visualize key metrics to interpret data and refine customer portfolio strategies.

Kissell Research Group Develops High-Frequency Trading Cost Index 2:32 new
Financial analysts use MATLAB® to give investors real-time data for better trading decisions.

Lear Corporation Achieves 100-Day Design Cycle 3:28 
Engineers enable early and continuous verification of automotive body control electronics using simulation and software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop testing.

Lund University Hospital Manages Organ-Transplant Risk 3:15 
Researchers develop a predictive artificial neural network model and simulate thousands of risk-profile combinations to identify optimal heart-transplant recipient and donor matches.

manroland Develops High-Precision Commercial Printing Press Controller 2:58 
Engineers design and model the controller, run real-time simulations, and deploy a production system.

OHB AG Develops Satellite GNC Software for Autonomous Formation Flying 2:49 
Engineers model guidance, navigation, and control algorithms, perform real-time simulations, and generate production flight code.

Penn State Teaches Students Automotive Control 2:45 
Students design control algorithms, verify them, and perform hardware-in-the-loop testing with a real vehicle.

Penn State Students Learn to Control a Hybrid Electric Vehicle 2:23 
Students develop control algorithms for a hybrid electric engine, implement them in a vehicle, and test fuel efficiency on the track.

Penn State Students Transition to Industry 1:56 
Students gain hands-on experience with industry-standard software, enabling them to land jobs after graduation and contribute immediately.

SYMMYS and KKR Find Practical Quantitative Solutions to Problems in Risk and Portfolio Management 2:24 
Financial analysts use MATLAB® to analyze data in Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets and visualize the results.

Technische Universität München Helps Aerospace Companies Adopt Model-Based Design 2:31 
Researchers at TUM help small companies in the region improve product development and comply with industry standards.

Technische Universität München Students Develop Algorithms and Make Them Fly 3:05 
Students at the Institute for Flight System Dynamics develop avionics control algorithms, implement them on target hardware, and perform pilot-in-the-loop testing in a research flight simulator.

Technische Universität München Students Develop Multirotor Copters 2:14 
Students at the Institute for Flight System Dynamics develop models, run simulations, and generate code for controlling multirotor helicopters.

Toyota Racing Development Makes Faster and More Efficient Engineering Decisions 4:42 
Engineers analyze and visualize data from wind tunnel, shaker, and track tests to optimize racing vehicle performance.

University of Cambridge Teaches Numerical Analysis to Undergraduates 2:13 
Professors use visualization and interactive interfaces to engage students in mathematics and algorithm development.

University of Cambridge Students Use Their Perspectives to Design New Teaching Model 2:14 
Students develop animations, graphical interfaces, and downloadable applications to engage fellow learners in numerical analysis.

University of Oxford Teaches Mathematical Modeling for Drug Discovery 2:06 
The Doctoral Training Center trains students in mathematical modeling for biophysics and bioinformatics.

University of Toronto Students Design and Simulate Nanosatellite Control Systems 3:13 
Students design, model, and simulate nanosatellite attitude control systems and get experience developing satellite technology and managing actual missions.

Vehicle Systems Integration Designs a Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator 4:51 
Engineers design and validate plant models, automatically generate C code, and run code on real-time hardware to test electronic components for a heavy truck for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Weinmann Medical Technology Develops Control Software for Emergency Respirator 2:17 
Engineers reuse respirator control system code for a new respirator for ambulance, helicopter, and hospital use.

Wolters Kluwer Delivers Operational Risk Capital Modeling Tool 2:33 new
Financial analysts create and deploy standalone tool that is sophisticated but affordable.

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