Computational Biology

Mathematical Modeling for Computational Biology

MathWorks products provide a unified environment for various types of modeling, such as pharmacokinetics (PK) and systems biology. The integrated environment allows you to create and analyze a model to predict and study characteristics of your biological system. Graphical and programmatic modeling tools in SimBiology enable you to:

  • Analyze and visualize external data, identify a PK model from the PK Wizard, and fit your model to the external data
  • Implement a reaction network to study the dynamics of a system
  • Combine models such as PK with a biochemical network
  • Share results with an automatically generated report


"MATLAB is vital in the development of specialized biological models at Roche. Using MathWorks tools to solve difficult ODE and ODE-PDE models, visualize results, and perform parameter optimization enables us to quickly isolate issues in the development of candidate drugs and to design the best experiments to tackle those issues."

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