Computational Biology

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  • Centers for Disease Control -  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Automates Poliovirus Sequencing and Tracking
  • Infinity Pharmaceuticals -  Infinity Pharmaceuticals Standardizes on MATLAB for Drug Discovery Data Analysis
  • Lund University -  Lund University Develops an Artificial Neural Network for Matching Heart Transplant Donors with Recipients
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology -  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Integrates Cancer Research in the Lab and Classroom
  • Max Planck Institute -  The Max Planck Institute Reconstructs Key Protein Complexes Using MATLAB and Parallel Computing Toolbox
  • Medical University of South Carolina -  Medical University of South Carolina Applies Bioinformatics Theory
  • Merrimack Pharmaceuticals -  Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Reduces Drug Discovery Time with MATLAB and SimBiology
  • Novartis -  Novartis Accelerates Model Development Process
  • Pfizer Inc. (1) -  Pfizer Guides Lab Experiments Using Computational Analysis
  • Pfizer Inc. (2) -  Pfizer Uses Model-Based Drug Development to Help Reduce Phase II Attrition Rates
  • Research Triangle Institute -  RTI International and University of Pennsylvania Model the Spread of Epidemics Using MATLAB and Parallel Computing
  • Roche -  Roche Evaluates Drug Safety and Efficacy
  • Rosetta Inpharmatics -  Rosetta Predicts the Clinical Outcome of Breast Cancer Patients
  • University of Nottingham -  The University of Nottingham and AstraZeneca Research and Development Charnwood Accelerate Clinical Research of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
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