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  • A2A SpA -  A2A Develops Comprehensive Risk Management Solution for Energy Markets
  • Albatroz Engineering -  Albatroz Engineering Develops Automated, Real-Time Power Line Inspection System
  • Banca Carige -  Banca Carige Integrates a MATLAB Based Valuation Library with Its Enterprise Pricing and Risk Platform
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center -  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Improves MRI Accuracy
  • Black Tusk Geophysics -  Black Tusk Geophysics Detects and Classifies Unexploded Ordnance
  • CAMRADATA -  CAMRADATA Models Dependencies for Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Centers for Disease Control -  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Automates Poliovirus Sequencing and Tracking
  • Centre for Concepts in Mechatronics -  Centre for Concepts in Mechatronics Improves Resolution of Industry-Leading Agfa Printers Using Model-Based Design
  • Commerzbank -  Commerzbank Develops Production Software System for Calculating Derived Market Data
  • EIM Group -  EIM Group Develops Quantitative Tools for Hedge Fund Portfolio Management
  • Evare -  MATLAB Cuts Development Time at Evare by More than 60%
  • Ford Motor Company (1) -  Ford Motor Company Develops and Deploys Sound-Quality Metrics with MATLAB
  • Fulcrum Asset Management -  Fulcrum Asset Management Develops Custom Quantitative Risk Management System
  • Gas Natural Fenosa -  Gas Natural Fenosa Predicts Energy Supply and Demand
  • GeoMechanics -  GeoMechanics Cuts Product Development Costs by 50%
  • Halliburton -  Halliburton Makes Oil Exploration Safer Using MATLAB and Neural Networks
  • Horizon Wind Energy -  Horizon Wind Energy Develops Revenue Forecasting and Risk Analysis Tools for Wind Farms
  • Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann -  HKM Optimizes Just-in-Time Steel Manufacturing Schedule
  • Intuitive Analytics -  Intuitive Analytics Uses MATLAB to Build Quantitative Tools to Help Bond Issuers Manage Risk
  • Investment Property Databank -  IPD Develops and Deploys Real Estate Cash-Flow Models
  • Microtech -  Microtech Develops and Tests Implantable Blood Pressure Sensor
  • Nykredit Asset Management -  Nykredit Develops Risk Management and Portfolio Analysis Applications to Minimize Operational Risk
  • OHB -  OHB Develops Satellite Guidance, Navigation, and Control Software for Autonomous Formation Flying
  • Penske Technology Group -  Penske Technology Group Enables Motorsport Teams to Improve Vehicle Performance
  • Pfizer Inc. (1) -  Pfizer Guides Lab Experiments Using Computational Analysis
  • Philips Consumer Lifestyle -  Philips Consumer Lifestyle (Philips) Develops One-Piece Surround Sound System
  • Philips Lighting -  Philips Lighting and Its Partners Use MATLAB to Ensure the Performance of High-Intensity Discharge Lighting Systems
  • Robeco -  Robeco Develops Quantitative Stock Selection and Portfolio Optimization Models
  • RWE -  RWE Develops and Deploys an Automated System for Natural Gas and Power Trading and Risk Management
  • Sanlam Multi-Manager International -  Sanlam Multi-Manager International Develops Dashboard for Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Scania -  Scania Develops Fuel-Saving Driver Support System for Award-Winning Long-Haulage Trucks
  • Toyota Racing Development -  Toyota Racing Development Makes Faster and More Efficient Engineering Decisions with MATLAB
  • Transpower -  Transpower Ensures Reliability of New Zealand National Grid with Reserve Management Tool
  • UniCredit Bank Austria -  UniCredit Bank Austria Develops and Rapidly Deploys a Consistent, Enterprise-Wide Market Data Engine
  • University of Applied Sciences Augsburg -  University of Applied Sciences Augsburg Students Develop and Simulate Advanced Robotic Control Systems
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