Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Signal Processing for Research and Data Exploration

MATLAB®, Simulink®, and related signal processing products help you analyze signals from a broad range of instruments and other data sources. These products offer a complete environment for signal acquisition, signal analysis, processing, visualization, and algorithm development. The techniques provided are easily accessible — you do not need to be a DSP specialist to use them.

Acquire and Analyze Signals in a Single Environment

With MathWorks products, you perform signal acquisition and signal analysis in the same environment. You acquire live, measured signals into your workspace by directly connecting to oscilloscopes, function generators, and other PC-compatible data acquisition hardware and test and measurement instruments.

You can analyze characteristics of the acquired signals by using built-in tools to create time and frequency plots, 2D and 3D plots, 3D volume views, and other advanced visualizations.

Rapidly Explore Design Ideas and Develop Algorithms

Explore and test design ideas for your signal processing systems using built-in libraries that contain all the functionality that you need — including signal transforms, windowing, multirate and statistical signal processing operations, and filter design techniques. These rich libraries enable you to perform faster iterations, optimize code performance and accuracy, and select the best algorithm for your system.

For complex problems involving different domains, you can incorporate algorithms from image processing, statistics, control systems, and advanced numerical computation libraries.

Create and Deploy a Complete Application

Once you develop your DSP application, you can make it available immediately to end users without rewriting the algorithms in other languages.

MATLAB Compiler lets you package your application into standalone executables or shared libraries. End users can then run your application outside the MATLAB environment, saving you the time it would take to manually translate your application into a different language.

Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory

"A scientist needs to focus on science and shouldn’t have to recreate or debug math libraries or support code. MathWorks tools are proven, so researchers can concentrate on new algorithms and approaches."

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