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reftrack documentation

The reftrack function returns coordinates of ICESat's 91-day orbit reference tracks.



[lat,lon] = reftrack(track)
[lat,lon] = reftrack(...,'spacing',SpacingMeters)
[x,y] = reftrack(...,'xy')


[lat,lon] = reftrack(track) returns georeferenced coordinates of any ICESat track given by scalar track number.

[lat,lon] = reftrack(...,'spacing',SpacingMeters) specifies along-track spacing in meters. Default spacing is 1000 meters.

[x,y] = reftrack(...,'xy') returns coordinates in polar stereographic (true latitude 71 S) meters.

Example 1: Simplest case

Get geo coordinates of ICESat track 1304:

[lat,lon] = reftrack(1304);

Now we can plot track 1304 as a red line on a georeferenced map like this:


Example 2: Specify spacing

Perhaps you want to have a specified spacing, like ever 172 meters along track. No problem! Do that like this:

[lat,lon] = reftrack(1304,'spacing',172);

Example 3: Polar stereographic coordinates

If you prefer your data in polar stereographic coordinates, you can either convert the data yourself by [x,y] = ll2ps(lat,lon) or you can simply include the 'xy' option:

[x,y] = reftrack(1304,'xy');

Now we can plot x,y as a blue line in cartesian coordinates:


Author Info

The reftrack function and supporting documentation were written by Chad A. Greene of the University of Texas at Austin's Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) in December 2015.