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Creates a batch structure with a given time duration. A batch is a collection of channels. Channels hold the time history for a state/manipulated variable. They also contain a description, units of measurement and time vector.

[X] = createBatch(h, T)

h - sample time T - batch duration

function [X] = createBatch(h, T)
    % dummy values
    t = zeros(T/h,1);
    y = zeros(T/h,1);

    % pensim manipulated variables
    X.Fg = createChannel('Aeration rate','L/h','h',t,y);
    X.RPM = createChannel('Agitator RPM','RPM','h',t,y);
    X.Fs = createChannel('Sugar feed rate','L/h','h',t,y);
    X.Tc = createChannel('Temperature of cooling water','K','h',t,y); = createChannel('Substrate feed concentration','g/L','h',t,y); = createChannel('Acid/base feed concentration','moles','h',t,y);
    X.Fa = createChannel('Acid flow rate','L/h','h',t,y);
    X.Fb = createChannel('Base flow rate','L/h','h',t,y);
    X.Fc = createChannel('Heating/cooling water flow rate','L/h','h',t,y);
    X.Fh = createChannel('Heating water flow rate', 'L/h','h',t,y);

    % indpensim manipulated variables
    X.Fw = createChannel('Water for injection/dilution','L/h','h',t,y);
    X.pressure = createChannel('Air head pressure','bar','h',t,y);
    X.viscosity = createChannel('Viscosity','centPoise','h',t,y);
    X.Fremoved = createChannel('Dumped broth flow','L/h','h',t,y);

    % pensim states
    X.S = createChannel('Substrate concentration','g/L','h',t,y);
    X.DO2 = createChannel('Dissolved oxygen concentration','mg/L','h',t,y);
    X.X = createChannel('Biomass concentration','g/L','h',t,y);
    X.P = createChannel('Penicillin concentration','g/L','h',t,y);
    X.V = createChannel('Vessel Volume','L','h',t,y);
    X.Wt = createChannel('Vessel Weight','Kg','h',t,y);
    X.CO2 = createChannel('Carbon dioxide concentration','mmole/L','h',t,y);
    X.pH = createChannel('pH','pH','h',t,y);
    X.T = createChannel('Temperature','K','h',t,y);
    X.Q = createChannel('Generated heat','kJ','h',t,y);

    % indpensim states
    X.a0 = createChannel('type a0 biomass concentration','g/L','h',t,y);
    X.a1 = createChannel('type a1 biomass concentration','g/L','h',t,y);
    X.a3 = createChannel('type a3 biomass concentration','g/L','h',t,y);
    X.a4 = createChannel('type a4 biomass concentration','g/L','h',t,y);
    X.n0 = createChannel('state n0','-','h',t,y);
    X.n1 = createChannel('state n1','-','h',t,y);
    X.n2 = createChannel('state n2','-','h',t,y);
    X.n3 = createChannel('state n3','-','h',t,y);
    X.n4 = createChannel('state n4','-','h',t,y);
    X.n5 = createChannel('state n5','-','h',t,y);
    X.n6 = createChannel('state n6','-','h',t,y);
    X.n7 = createChannel('state n7','-','h',t,y);
    X.n8 = createChannel('state n8','-','h',t,y);
    X.n9 = createChannel('state n9','-','h',t,y);
    X.nm = createChannel('state nm','-','h',t,y);
    X.phi0 = createChannel('state phi0','-','h',t,y);
    X.CO2outgas = createChannel('carbon dioxide percent in outgas','%','h',t,y);
    X.Culture_age = createChannel('Cell culture age','h','h',t,y);
    X.PAA_flow  =   createChannel('PAA flow','PAA flow','h',t,y);
    X.PAA =   createChannel('PAA concentration','PAA (g L^{-1})','h',t,y);
    X.PAA_offline =   createChannel('PAA concentration offline','PAA (g L^{-1})','h',t,y);
    X.NH3 =   createChannel('NH_3 concentration','NH3 (g L^{-1})','h',t,y);
    X.NH3_offline =   createChannel('NH_3 concentration off-line','NH3 (g L^{-1})','h',t,y);
    X.OUR =   createChannel('OUR','OUR (g min^{-1})','h',t,y);
    X.O2 =   createChannel('OUR','O2  (%)','h',t,y);
    X.mup =   createChannel('Specific growth rate of Penicillin','mu_P (h^{-1})','h',t,y);
    X.mux =   createChannel('Specific growth rate of Biomass','mu_X (h^{-1})','h',t,y);
    X.P_offline  = createChannel('Offline Penicillin concentration','P(g L^{-1})','h',t,y);
    X.X_CER =  createChannel('Biomass concentration from CER','g min^{-1}','h',t,y);
    X.CER =  createChannel('Carbon evolution rate','g/h','h',t,y);
    X.mu_X_calc =  createChannel('Biomass specific growth rate ','hr^{-1}','h',t,y);
    X.mu_P_calc =  createChannel('Penicillin specific growth rate ','hr^{-1}','h',t,y);
    X.F_discharge_cal = createChannel('Discharge rate','L hr^{-1}','h',t,y);
    X.NH3_shots = createChannel('Ammonia shots','kgs','h',t,y);
    X.OUR =   createChannel('Oxygen Uptake Rate ','(g min^{-1})','h',t,y);
    X.CO2_d =   createChannel('Dissolved CO_2  ','(mg L^{-1})','h',t,y);
    X.Viscosity =  createChannel('Viscosity ','centPoise','h',t,y);
    X.Viscosity_offline = createChannel('Viscosity','centPoise','h',t,y);
Error using createBatch (line 13)
Not enough input arguments.


Stephen Goldrick and Andrei Stefan University of Manchester, Newcastle University and Perceptive Engineering

All rights reserved. Copyright (c) Newcastle University, University of Manchester and Perceptive Engineering.