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Faddeev-Leverrier Algorithm

A MATLAB implementation of the Faddeev-Leverrier algorithm to compute the coefficients of the characteristic polynomial of a given matrix and to get the inverse of the matrix without extra cost.


The Faddeev-Leverrier Algorithm

Consider an n x n matrix, A. The eigenvalue of A defined as follows

can be obtained by solve the equation

where the left hand side determinant defines the characteristic polynomial of A

The Faddeev-Leverrier algorithm is an efficient approach to find the coefficients of the characteristic polynomial. In addition, the inverse matrix of A is obtained at no extra computational cost.


FADLEV Faddeev-Leverrier approach to generate coefficients of the characteristic polynomial and inverse of a given matrix

Uasage: [p,Ainv,B]=fedlev(A)

Input: A - the given matrix

Output: p - the coefficient vector of the characteristic polynomial

         B - a cell array of the sequency of matrices generated, where
             B{1} = A                    p(1)=trace(B{1})
             B{2} = A*(B{1}-p(1)*I)      p(2)=trace(B{2})/2
             B{n} = A*(B{n-1}-p(n-1)*I)  p(n)=trace(B{n})/n
         Ainv - The inverse of A calculated as
             Ainv = (B{n-1}-p(n-1)*I)/p(n)

Example 1

An integer matrix of 5 x 5

fprintf('Check inverse: norm(B-inv(A))=%g\n',norm(B-inv(A)));
fprintf('Check polynomial: norm(p-poly(A))=%g\n',norm(p-poly(A)));
Check inverse: norm(B-inv(A))=2.80604e-017
Check polynomial: norm(p-poly(A))=2.10923e-009

Example 2

A random matrix of 10 x 10

fprintf('Check inverse: norm(H-inv(G))=%g\n',norm(H-inv(G)));
fprintf('Check polynomial: norm(q-poly(G))=%g\n',norm(q-poly(G)));
Check inverse: norm(H-inv(G))=8.90886e-014
Check polynomial: norm(q-poly(G))=1.28342e-012


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