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Solving a multiphysics thermoelastic problem

This is an example of resolution of multiphysic boundary value problem.



This problem is taken from IJNME_v50_p2373, section 6.6.

This problem involves the resolution of 3 coupled differential equations on a 2D square plate. 2 equations express a 2D plane stress, while the last equation expresses the heat conduction (with a heat source).

Using NumSim_calls

This example uses NumSim_calls to perform multiple simulations from a basic set of parameters, where each simulation is different only on the grid resolution.

The files specific for this demo are all found in the "Documentation\Demos\PlaneStressThermoelastics" folder.

The basic set of parameters is written in the file "PlaneStressThermoelastics_params.m". This single simulation can be run by:

stcnum = NumSim('PlaneStressThermoelastics_params');

To run all the simulations with the different grid resolutions, we use the file "PlaneStressThermoelastics_batch.m", regrouping the different parameters for each call. This batch is run by:

***** Checks of NumSim_calls completed *****
*****              Report              *****
  Call #      Success       Failure
    1            x
    2            x
    3            x
    4            x
    5            x
    6            x
    7            x

Post-processing of the batch simulations

After the simulations are completed and the output files are saved in the demo sub-folder "Sim_outputs", a post-processing is done to plot figures of the displacement along "y" and of the convergence of the solution with the grid resolution.


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