MATLAB Examples

Solving the thin plate imaging problem

This problem is an example of application using the NumSim simulation program to solve the direct and inverse problems of acousto-electric conductivity modulation imaging.


Specifications of parameters

% At this time, we only load the structure of parameters, without performing any simulation step.
stcnum = NumSim([pwd,'\Documentation\Demos\Thinplate_imaging\Thinplate_imaging_params.m'],{},'none');

Resolution of the electrostatic problem

% By specifying |'electric'|, the steps |geom|, |BC|, |sol_I|, |sol_L| and |pp| are performed
stcnum = NumSim(stcnum,{},'electric');

Step: US (ultrasound)

stcnum = NumSim(stcnum,{},'US');

Step: AEI (acousto-electric interaction)

stcnum = NumSim(stcnum,{},'AEI');

% At this stage, the direct problem is solved: we have computed the AECM signals knowing the conductivity distribution.

Step: IP (inverse problem)

% This step performs the resolution of the inverse problem by estimation.
stcnum = NumSim(stcnum,{},'IP');

% There is nothing here to do in the step |IPpp| (inverse problem post-processing).

Step: sp (specific plots)

stcnum = NumSim(stcnum,{},'sp');

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