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Parameters of the Riemann problem




Config1D() generates the default settings file RiemannParameters.txt in the current MATLAB folder. The function produces no output. RiemannParameters.txt is a ASCII file with values and names of the paremeters. You can edit this file to change the settings.

The first parameters are the physical parameters:

  • Rho0 is the mass density ;
  • E is the Young's modulus ;
  • Beta is the first higher-order elastic constant ;
  • Delta is the second higher-order elastic constant.

They are followed by the parameters of the Riemann problem:

  • epsL is the strain in the left state ;
  • vL is the particle velocity in the left state ;
  • epsR is the strain in the right state ;
  • vR is the particle velocity in the right state ;
  • xdisc is the abscissa of the initial discontinuity.

Then, you can choose how to process the results:

  • display (integer) is the number of the output graphics window. If it is equal to zero, then no graphics are generated ;
  • if output (boolean) is true (equal to one), then the ASCII file RiemannResults.txt is generated in the current MATLAB folder.

Lastly, you can set the Newton-Raphson algorithm:

  • DepsM is the maximum variation of the solution between the last iterations ;
  • iNRmax is the maximum number of iterations.


RiemannParameters.txt successfully created in C:\Users\Documents

The default values in RiemannParameters.txt are:

2.600000e+03	% Rho0 (Kg/m^3)
1.000000e+10	% E (Pa)
1.000000e+02	% Beta
1.000000e+06	% Delta
1.800000e-04	% epsL
0.000000e+00	% vL (m/s)
-1.800000e-04	% epsR
0.000000e+00	% vR (m/s)
0.000000e+00	% xdisc (m)
1		% display
0		% output
1.000000e-14	% DepsM
10		% iNRmax

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