MATLAB Examples

Instantaneous Frequency of Complex Chirp

This example shows how to compute the instantaneous frequency of a signal using the Fourier synchrosqueezed transform.

Generate a chirp with sinusoidally varying frequency content. The signal is embedded in white Gaussian noise and sampled at 3 kHz for 1 second.

fs = 3000;
t = 0:1/fs:1-1/fs;

x = exp(2j*pi*100*cos(2*pi*2*t))+randn(size(t))/100;

Compute and plot the Fourier synchrosqueezed transform of the signal. Display the time on the x-axis and the frequency on the y-axis.


Find the instantaneous frequency of the signal by extracting the maximum-energy time-frequency ridge of the Fourier Synchrosqueezed transform.

[sst,f] = fsst(x,fs);

fridge = tfridge(sst,f);

Overlay the ridge on the transform plot. Convert time to milliseconds and frequency to kHz.

hold on
hold off