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Custom Criteria Programmatic Interface Example

This example shows how to set and get custom criteria using the programmatic interface.


Before running this example, temporarily disable warnings that result from verification failures.

warning off Stateflow:Runtime:TestVerificationFailed;
warning off Stateflow:cdr:VerifyDangerousComparison;

Load a Test File and Get Test Case Object

tf = sltest.testmanager.load('AutopilotTestFile.mldatx');

ts = getTestSuiteByName(tf,'Basic Design Test Cases');

tc = getTestCaseByName(ts,'Requirement 1.3 Test');

Create the Custom Criteria Object and Set Criteria

Create the custom criteria object.

tcCriteria = getCustomCriteria(tc)
tcCriteria = 

  CustomCriteria with properties:

     Enabled: 0
    Callback: '% Return value: customCriteria...'

Create the custom criteria expression. This script gets the last value of the signal Phi and verifies that it equals 0.

criteria = ...
    sprintf(['lastPhi = test.SimOut.get(''Signals_Req1_3'')',...
	'test.verifyEqual(lastPhi,0,[''Final: '',num2str(lastPhi),''.'']);'])
criteria =

    'lastPhi = test.SimOut.get('Signals_Req1_3').get('Phi').Values.Data(end);
     test.verifyEqual(lastPhi,0,['Final: ',num2str(lastPhi),'.']);'

Set and enable the criteria.

tcCriteria.Callback = criteria;
tcCriteria.Enabled = true;

Run the Test Case and Get the Results

Run the test case.

tcResultSet = run(tc);

Get the test case results.

tcResult = getTestCaseResults(tcResultSet);

Get the custom criteria result.

ccResult = getCustomCriteriaResult(tcResult)
ccResult = 

  CustomCriteriaResult with properties:

             Outcome: Failed
    DiagnosticRecord: [1x1 sltest.testmanager.DiagnosticRecord]

Restore warnings from verification failures.

warning on Stateflow:Runtime:TestVerificationFailed;
warning on Stateflow:cdr:VerifyDangerousComparison;