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This script file will show the following: 1) How to interrogate Simulink's state definition 2) leveraging Simulink's state definition to map to your own 3) aligning state definition with eignvector elements

ADVICE: Did you know you can use the MATLAB debugger to step through this file line by line. Or use Cell Mode Execution to execute Cells at a time.


Clean Up

bdclose all
clear all

We will look at the F14 model

extract the state information

statenames = getstatenames('f14');

Extract a linear model from this diagram

disp('If we linearize the F14 model')
If we linearize the F14 model

mysys = 

             a: [10x10 double]
             b: [10x1 double]
             c: [2x10 double]
             d: [2x1 double]
     StateName: {10x1 cell}
    OutputName: {2x1 cell}
     InputName: {'f14/u'}
     OperPoint: [1x1 struct]
            Ts: 0

Calculate eigenvalues and eigenvectors


disp(['So the first eigenvalue of ' num2str(d(1))])
disp('  ... has the following eigenvector')
strcat(strjust(num2str(v(:,1),3),'right'), repmat({'  ->  '},length(statenames),1), statenames)
So the first eigenvalue of -9.84322+9.5718i
  ... has the following eigenvector

ans = 

    '                 1+0i  ->  Transfer Fcn.2'
    '      -0.0127+0.0177i  ->  Transfer Fcn.1'
    '     0.00034+0.00207i  ->  Actuator Model'
    ' 2.58e-019-5.53e-020i  ->  W-gust model'
    '-1.79e-020-1.19e-020i  ->  W-gust model'
    '-5.86e-020-1.01e-019i  ->  Q-gust model'
    '-7.31e-005-9.56e-005i  ->  Alpha-sensor Low-pass Filter'
    '                -0+0i  ->  Stick Prefilter'
    '    0.00195+0.000167i  ->  Pitch Rate Lead Filter'
    '    -0.00136+0.00011i  ->  Proportional plus integral compensator'

Exercise 1

Can you change this script such that the complete state block path gets
mapped to the eigenvector elements?
   -You only need to change 2 lines in this Example1.m script!
   -See what optional output arguments GETSTATENAMES can return