MATLAB Examples

Construct KNN Classifier

This example shows how to construct a k-nearest neighbor classifier for the Fisher iris data.

Load the Fisher iris data.

load fisheriris
X = meas;    % Use all data for fitting
Y = species; % Response data

Construct the classifier using fitcknn.

Mdl = fitcknn(X,Y)
Mdl = 

             ResponseName: 'Y'
    CategoricalPredictors: []
               ClassNames: {'setosa'  'versicolor'  'virginica'}
           ScoreTransform: 'none'
          NumObservations: 150
                 Distance: 'euclidean'
             NumNeighbors: 1

A default k-nearest neighbor classifier uses a single nearest neighbor only. Often, a classifier is more robust with more neighbors than that.

Change the neighborhood size of Mdl to 4, meaning that Mdl classifies using the four nearest neighbors.

Mdl.NumNeighbors = 4;