MATLAB Examples

Prune a Classification Tree

This example creates a classification tree for the ionosphere data, and prunes it to a good level.

Load the ionosphere data:

load ionosphere

Construct a default classification tree for the data:

tree = fitctree(X,Y);

View the tree in the interactive viewer:


Find the optimal pruning level by minimizing cross-validated loss:

[~,~,~,bestlevel] = cvLoss(tree,...
bestlevel =


Prune the tree to level 6:


Alternatively, use the interactive window to prune the tree.

The pruned tree is the same as the near-optimal tree in the "Select Appropriate Tree Depth" example.

Set 'TreeSize' to 'SE' (default) to find the maximal pruning level for which the tree error does not exceed the error from the best level plus one standard deviation:

[~,~,~,bestlevel] = cvLoss(tree,'SubTrees','All')
bestlevel =


In this case the level is the same for either setting of 'TreeSize'.

Prune the tree to use it for other purposes:

tree = prune(tree,'Level',6);