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BeagleBoard Support from Simulink

Low-cost, single-board computer designed for audio, video, and digital signal processing

You can design and run Simulink® models as standalone applications on the BeagleBoard, a low-cost, single-board computer designed for digital signal processing. The BeagleBoard-xM features TI’s 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, provides stereo audio and digital video connectivity, and supports USB, RS-232, and Ethernet.

The BeagleBoard helps students understand the workflow for designing an embedded system without using manual programming. Students can use Simulink to create algorithms for audio processing and computer vision applications. They can apply industry-proven techniques for Model-Based Design to verify that their algorithms work during simulation. They can then implement the algorithms as standalone applications on the BeagleBoard using the ARM Cortex-A8 processor.

Simulink built-in support for the BeagleBoard includes:

Platform and Release Support

See the hardware support package system requirements table for current and prior version, release, and platform availability.

View enhancements and bug fixes in release notes.

Ready to install?

Before installing the support package, confirm you have the correct setup. View system requirements and installation options.

MathWorks Requirements



Also supported in student and home software.


Support Package


Support Package Installer installs this support package and all required third-party software. To start the installer, go to the MATLAB toolstrip and click Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages. For more information, read the documentation.

Third-Party Requirements



  • BeagleBoard-xM (purchase)
  • 4 GB MicroSD card
  • Serial connection from the host computer to the BeagleBoard; either USB-to-DB9 serial adapter cable or DB9 low-profile null modem M-F cable
  • 5 V power supply; 3 A recommended
  • Ethernet cable from the host computer to the BeagleBoard
  • USB SD card reader


  • USB webcam
    (Support package tested with Logitech Webcam Pro 9000)
  • Audio patch cables
  • Clear acrylic case



All required third-party software is installed by the Support Package Installer.

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