Avnet Spartan-6/OMAP-L1x Co-Processing Development Kit Support from Simulink

Avnet Spartan®-6/OMAP-L1x™ Co-Processing Development Kit is a Targeted Design Platform (TDP) consisting of a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA and TI OMAP-L1x DSP+ARM processor.

Avnet Coprocessing Development Kit Support from Simulink

Avnet® FPGA /DSP Coprocessing Development Kit provides design software and development boards for implementing MATLAB® and Simulink® models on FPGA-based coprocessing development boards equipped with Xilinx® Spartan®-6 FPGA and Texas Instruments® OMAP™ DSP.

Features of Spartan-6/OMAP Coprocessing Development Kit include the following:

  • Xilinx LX45T FPGA coprocessing base board equipped with one LogicPD OMAP-L1x SOM-M1 module
  • OMAP-L1x processor containing an ARM926EJ-S™ core and a fixed-point/floating-point C674X class DSP
  • Xilinx System Generator for DSP™ for performing these tasks within Simulink:
    • Model DSP algorithms in MATLAB and Simulink.
    • Generate HDL code using a device-optimized blockset.
    • Verify FPGA designs for Xilinx devices.
  • All other necessary Xilinx hardware and software
  • Reference design of a video corner detection algorithm, provided in the form of Simulink models and synthesizable HDL

You can also use HDL Coder and HDL Verifier with the Avnet FPGA /DSP Coprocessing Development Kit to design and implement signal processing and communications systems.

  • Generate HDL code using HDL Coder and implement in hardware with Xilinx ISE Design Suite
  • Verify implemented designs with MATLAB algorithms or Simulink models with FPGA-in-the-loop simulation

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  • Spartan-6/OMAP-L1x Coprocessing Development Kit from Avnet



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