Freescale Support from Embedded Coder

Generate code optimized for Freescale processors.

Altium Support from Embedded Coder

MATLAB Coder™, Simulink Coder™, and Embedded Coder® generate ANSI/ISO C/C++ code that can be compiled and executed on Freescale™ processors. Embedded Coder lets you easily configure the code generated from MATLAB® and Simulink® algorithms to control software interfaces, optimize execution performance, and minimize memory consumption.

Freescale processor families compatible with Embedded Coder generated code include:

8 bit 16 bit 32 bit
HC08 MCUs HC12, HC16 MCUs MPC7xxx, MPC8xxx Power Architecture® (PowerPC®)
HC05, HC11 MCUs HCS12, S12X MCUs MPC5xxx (Qorivva) Power Architecture Automotive MCUs
RS08, S08 MCUs DSP5685x, DSP56F8xx DSCs Kinetis ARM® Cortex MCUs
  MC56F8xx DSCs ColdFire+/ColdFire® MCUs
    MC56F84xxx DSCs
    Vybrid Controller Solutions
    i.MX Application Processors
    QorIQ, PowerQUICC Processors

Using Embedded Coder with Freescale’s Motor Control Development Toolbox, you can generate code from your Simulink models and implement it directly on supported processors listed below, generate processor-optimized code, and perform processor-in-the-loop (PIL) tests with execution profiling.

You can also use Embedded Coder to create your own Freescale processor-specific customizations using published APIs and reference examples. For example, you can generate processor-specific (non- ANSI) optimized code. MathWorks Consulting Services is available to assist with these customizations.