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I2C Interface Support from Instrument Control Toolbox

Use the I2C protocol to connect MATLAB to your chips, circuit boards, and sensors.

MATLAB® supports I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) interface communication through Instrument Control Toolbox™. I2C is a chip-to-chip interface that supports two-wire communication. Instrument Control Toolbox I2C support lets you open connections with individual chips or on-board I2C sensors. You can then read and write data over these connections.

When characterizing a sensor or verifying the performance of a device or subsystem, you can configure chip settings using I2C while measuring outputs of the board or device with other test and measurement equipment. I2C interface support is available using USB to I2C host adapters from Total Phase and National Instruments®.

Supported Interface Hardware

Instrument Control Toolbox supports the I2C interface hardware shown below.

Manufacturer Model Minimum Toolbox Version
Total Phase Aardvark TP240141 R2013b (version 3.4)
National Instruments NI-USB-8451 R2014a (version 3.5)
National Instruments NI-USB-8452 R2014a (version 3.5)

Get Support Package Now

There are two support packages depending on the hardware being used. Click to get your support package now:

For Total Phase Aardvark
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For National Instruments USB-845x
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Platform Support

For Total Phase Aardvark, support is available on 64-bit Microsoft® Windows®, 64-bit Mac OS X, and Linux®.

For National Instruments, support is available on 64-bit Microsoft Windows only.

MathWorks Requirements



Also supported in student and home software.


Support Package


The Support Package Installer installs this support package and all required third-party software. To start the installer, go to the MATLAB toolstrip and click Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages. For more information, read the documentation.

For National Instruments hardware:

For Total Phase Aardvark hardware:

Third-Party Requirements



  • Any I2C interface hardware listed on this page.

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