Sound Card Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox

Use MATLAB to acquire and analyze data from Windows sound cards.

MATLAB® supports sound cards through Data Acquisition Toolbox™ using both legacy and session-based interfaces. Specifically, it supports Windows® compatible sound cards that use the DirectSound driver. Use MATLAB as your single software environment to create your own waveforms, measurement and analysis routines, and to develop automated applications that use sound card data.

Using the session-based interface provided by the toolbox, you can perform the following tasks on both 32-bit and 64-bit MATLAB:

  • Acquire data from multiple audio input channels
  • Generate audio data for multiple audio output channels
  • Configure the sound card sampling rate and other settings
  • Analyze sound card data as it is being acquired
  • Trigger the start of your data acquisition
  • Easily switch sound cards with minimal changes to MATLAB code

The Data Acquisition Toolbox legacy interface, which is available only on 32-bit MATLAB, supports up to two audio channels. The toolbox provides Simulink® blocks that enable you to acquire and send live sound data to and from Simulink models. For more advanced Simulink sound card support, see Audio Support from DSP System Toolbox™.

Platform Support

Session-based interface available on 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows only.

Legacy interface available on 32-bit Windows only.

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Supported in student and home software.


Support Package


Support Package Installer installs this support package. To start the installer, go to the MATLAB toolstrip and click Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages. For more information, read the documentation.

Third-Party Requirements



  • Any Windows compatible sound card

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