ThingSpeak Support from MATLAB

Prototype Internet of Things (IoT) applications using ThingSpeak and MATLAB.

ThingSpeak is a free web service hosted by ioBridge that lets you collect and store sensor data and develop Internet of Things applications. Sensor data can be sent to ThingSpeak from Arduino®, Raspberry Pi™, and other hardware. ThingSpeak support from MATLAB® lets you analyze and visualize data stored on or on private installations of the ThingSpeak server.

Specifically, you can perform the following tasks with MATLAB and ThingSpeak:

  • Acquire most recent data from public and private ThingSpeak channels
  • Simultaneously acquire data from all eight fields in a ThingSpeak channel
  • Acquire channel and field data over a specified time period, or acquire a specified number of data points
  • Remove noise and outliers
  • Perform statistical analysis on channel data and explore trends

Both Arduino Support from Simulink and Raspberry Pi Support from Simulink include a write block for sending data directly to Thingspeak when independently running algorithms on those platforms. 


Platform Support

Available on Windows®, Mac, and Linux®.