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TI C6000 Support from Embedded Coder

Generate code optimized for C6000 DSP.

MATLAB Coder™, Simulink Coder™, and Embedded Coder® generate ANSI/ISO C/C++ code that can be compiled and executed on Texas Instruments™ (TI) C6000 DSPs using Code Composer Studio IDE. Embedded Coder lets you easily configure the code generated from MATLAB® and Simulink® algorithms to control software interfaces, optimize execution performance, and minimize memory consumption.

The TI C6000 evaluation boards and processors supported by Embedded Coder include:

Evaluation Boards/Processors
DM6437 EVM boards
C6416 DSK boards
C6455 EVM boards
C6713 DSK boards
DM648 EVM boards
DM642 EVM boards
DM6437 EVM boards
DM648 EVM boards
C62x™ processors
C64x™ processors

Embedded Coder provides additional support for the TI C6000 family of processors and the boards listed above that includes automated build and execution, processor-optimized code, ability to perform processor-in-the-loop (PIL) tests with execution profiling, block libraries for on-chip and on-board peripherals, and deployment support using bare-board or real time operating system (RTOS).

To learn more about the specific processors and evaluation boards supported for each MathWorks release, examine the settings in the Target Hardware Resources section of the Code Generation Configuration Parameters provided with Embedded Coder. You can also use Embedded Coder to create your own TI processor-specific customizations using published APIs and reference examples. For example, you can generate processor-specific (non- ANSI) optimized code.

Embedded Coder hardware support packages offer built-in support for specific hardware, schedulers, and compilers. MathWorks Consulting Services is available to help with extensions to other environments.

Platform and Release Support

See the hardware support package system requirements table for current and prior version, release, and platform availability.

View enhancements and bug fixes in release notes.

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Support Package Installer installs this support package. To start the installer, go to the MATLAB toolstrip and click Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages. For more information, read the documentation.

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