3DoF Animation

Create 3-D MATLAB Graphics animation of three-degrees-of-freedom object




The 3DoF Animation block displays a 3-D animated view of a three-degrees-of-freedom (3DoF) craft, its trajectory, and its target using MATLAB® Graphics.

The 3DoF Animation block uses the input values and the dialog parameters to create and display the animation.

This block does not produce deployable code, but can be used with Simulink® Coder™ external mode as a SimViewingDevice.


Axes limits [xmin xmax ymin ymax zmin zmax]

Specifies the three-dimensional space to be viewed.

Time interval between updates

Specifies the time interval at which the animation is redrawn.

Size of craft displayed

Scale factor to adjust the size of the craft and target.

Enter view

Selects preset MATLAB Graphics parameters CameraTarget and CameraUpVector for the figure axes. The dialog parameters Position of camera and View angle are used to customize the position and field of view for the selected view. Possible views are

  • Fixed position

  • Cockpit

  • Fly alongside

Position of camera [xc yc zc]

Specifies the MATLAB Graphics parameter CameraPosition for the figure axes. Used in all cases except for the Cockpit view.

View angle

Specifies the MATLAB Graphics parameter CameraViewAngle for the figure axes in degrees.

Enable animation

When selected, the animation is displayed during the simulation. If not selected, the animation is not displayed.


InputDimension TypeDescription
FirstVectorContains the altitude and the downrange position of the target in Earth coordinates.
SecondVectorContains the altitude and the downrange position of the craft in Earth coordinates.
Third1-by-1 scalarContains the attitude of the craft in radians.


See aero_guidance for an example of this block.

Introduced before R2006a

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