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Flight Parameters

Calculate aerospace parameters such as ideal airspeed correction, Mach number, dynamic pressure

Calculate common flight dynamics parameters, such as incidence, sideslip, and airspeed.


Dynamic Pressure Compute dynamic pressure using velocity and air density
Ideal Airspeed Correction Calculate equivalent airspeed (EAS), calibrated airspeed (CAS), or true airspeed (TAS) from each other
Incidence & Airspeed Calculate incidence and airspeed
Incidence, Sideslip & Airspeed Calculate incidence, sideslip, and airspeed
Mach Number Compute Mach number using velocity and speed of sound
Radius at Geocentric Latitude Estimate radius of ellipsoid planet at geocentric latitude
Relative Ratio Calculate relative atmospheric ratios
Wind Angular Rates Calculate wind angular rates from body angular rates, angle of attack, sideslip angle, rate of change of angle of attack, and rate of change of sideslip
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