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Flight Simulator Interfaces

Connect to third-party FlightGear software, connect joystick interface, or input FlightGear data to models

Flight Simulator Interface describes how to install and set up the FlightGear software to visualize your flight paths. To control flight paths and trajectories, use joysticks, which you connect using the joystick blocks in this sublibrary.


FlightGear Preconfigured 6DoF Animation Connect model to FlightGear flight simulator
Generate Run Script Generate FlightGear run script on current platform
Pack net_fdm Packet for FlightGear Generate net_fdm packet for FlightGear
Pilot Joystick Provide joystick interface on Windows platform
Pilot Joystick All Provide joystick interface in All Outputs configuration on Windows platform
Receive net_ctrl Packet from FlightGear Receive net_ctrl packet from FlightGear
Send net_fdm Packet to FlightGear Transmit net_fdm packet to destination IP address and port for FlightGear session
Simulation Pace Set simulation rate for improved animation viewing
Unpack net_ctrl Packet from FlightGear Unpack net_ctrl variable packet received from FlightGear


Flight Simulator Interface

Obtain and install the third-party FlightGear flight simulator.

Work with the Flight Simulator Interface

Follow tutorial on the FlightGear interface, included with the Aerospace Blockset™ software.

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