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Getting Started with Aerospace Blockset


Explore the NASA HL-20 Model

Learn how to run an aerospace model in the Simulink® interface, examine the results, and modify the model settings and parameters.

Create Aerospace Models

Build models with your Aerospace Blockset™ software.

Open Aerospace Examples

Access product examples.

Ideal Airspeed Correction

Calculate indicated and true airspeed.

1903 Wright Flyer

Model the airframe, environment, and pilot of the first aircraft, the Wright Flyer.

NASA HL-20 Lifting Body Airframe

Model the airframe of a NASA HL-20 lifting body, a low-cost complement to the Space Shuttle orbiter.

About Aerospace Modeling

Code Generation Support

Generate code for real-time execution in rapid prototyping and for hardware-in-the-loop systems using Simulink Coder™ software.

Support for Aerospace Toolbox Quaternion Functions

Use quaternion functions in the MATLAB Function block.

Simulink Projects Template for Flight Simulation Applications

Use Simulink Projects (Simulink) to help organize large flight simulation modeling projects and makes it easier to share projects with others.

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