Math Operations

Blocks for common mathematical and matrix operations, including sine and cosine generation; 3-by-3 matrix operations


3x3 Cross Product Calculate cross product of two 3-by-1 vectors
Adjoint of 3x3 Matrix Compute adjoint of matrix
Create 3x3 Matrix Create 3-by-3 matrix from nine input values
Determinant of 3x3 Matrix Compute determinant of matrix
Invert 3x3 Matrix Compute inverse of 3-by-3 matrix
Quaternion Conjugate Calculate conjugate of quaternion
Quaternion Division Divide quaternion by another quaternion
Quaternion Interpolation Quaternion interpolation between two quaternions
Quaternion Inverse Calculate inverse of quaternion
Quaternion Modulus Calculate modulus of quaternion
Quaternion Multiplication Calculate product of two quaternions
Quaternion Norm Calculate norm of quaternion
Quaternion Normalize Normalize quaternion
Quaternion Rotation Rotate vector by quaternion
SinCos Compute sine and cosine of angle
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