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Radius at Geocentric Latitude

Estimate radius of ellipsoid planet at geocentric latitude


Flight Parameters


The Radius at Geocentric Latitude block estimates the radius (rs) of an ellipsoid planet at a particular geocentric latitude (λs).

The following equation estimates the ellipsoid radius (rs) using flattening (f¯), geocentric latitude (λ¯s), and equatorial radius (R¯).




Specifies the parameter and output units:

UnitsEquatorial RadiusRadius at Geocentric Latitude
Metric (MKS)MetersMeters

This option is only available when Planet model is set to Earth (WGS84).

Planet model

Specifies the planet model to use:


Earth (WGS84)


Specifies the flattening of the planet. This option is only available with Planet model set to Custom.

Equatorial radius of planet

Specifies the radius of the planet at its equator. This option is only available with Planet model set to Custom.

Inputs and Outputs

InputDimension TypeDescription


 Contains the geocentric latitude, in degrees.

OutputDimension TypeDescription


 Contains the radius of planet at geocentric latitude, in the same as the units as flattening.


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Introduced before R2006a

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