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Vehicle Dynamics

Model aerodynamics, propulsion, and motion of aircraft and spacecraft

Construct the dynamics of your system, perform simulations, and understand system behavior under various conditions. Calculate aerodynamic forces and moments along with common flight dynamic parameters. You can also simulate three-and six-degrees-of-freedom equations of motion. Using the blocks in the Pilot Models library, implement pilot crossover, precision, and Tustin models.

  • Aerodynamics
    Compute aerodynamic forces and moments using aerodynamic coefficients, dynamic pressure, center of gravity, center of pressure
  • Equations of Motion
    Implement 3DoF, 6DoF, and point mass equations of motion to determine body position, velocity, attitude, related values
  • Flight Parameters
    Calculate aerospace parameters such as ideal airspeed correction, Mach number, dynamic pressure
  • Mass Properties
    Simulate center of gravity and inertia tensors
  • Pilot Models
    Implement pilot models
  • Propulsion
    Simulate engine system and controller
  • Flight Control Analysis
    Analyze the dynamic response and flying qualities of aerospace vehicles​

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