General atmospheric profiles such as ISA, COESA; nonstandard day simulations; lapse rate atmosphere; pressure altitude

Use environment-standards-based reference models to model standard atmospheric, gravity, and magnetic field profiles. Use ephemeris data to calculate position and velocity of celestial bodies.


aeroDataPackage Start Add-On Explorer to download, install, or uninstall aerospace-specific data
atmoscira Use COSPAR International Reference Atmosphere 1986 model
atmoscoesa Use 1976 COESA model
atmoshwm Implement horizontal wind model
atmosisa Use International Standard Atmosphere model
atmoslapse Use Lapse Rate Atmosphere model
atmosnonstd Use climatic data from MIL-STD-210 or MIL-HDBK-310
atmosnrlmsise00 Implement mathematical representation of 2001 United States Naval Research Laboratory Mass Spectrometer and Incoherent Scatter Radar Exosphere
atmospalt Calculate pressure altitude based on ambient pressure
earthNutation Implement Earth nutation
moonLibration Moon librations
planetEphemeris Position and velocity of astronomical objects
geocradius Estimate radius of ellipsoid planet at geocentric latitude
geoidegm96 Calculate geoid height as determined from EGM96 Geopotential Model
geoidheight Calculate geoid height
gravitycentrifugal Implement centrifugal effect of planetary gravity
gravitysphericalharmonic Implement spherical harmonic representation of planetary gravity
gravitywgs84 Implement 1984 World Geodetic System (WGS84) representation of Earth's gravity
gravityzonal Implement zonal harmonic representation of planetary gravity
igrfmagm Calculate Earth magnetic field and secular variation using International Geomagnetic Reference Field
wrldmagm Use World Magnetic Model


Add Ephemeris and Geoid Data for Aerospace Products

Use Add-On to add ephemeris and/or geoid data.

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