Flight Parameters and Quaternion Math

Aerospace parameter calculations and quaternion math


airspeed Airspeed from velocity
alphabeta Incidence and sideslip angles
correctairspeed Calculate equivalent airspeed (EAS), calibrated airspeed (CAS), or true airspeed (TAS) from one of other two airspeeds
dpressure Compute dynamic pressure using velocity and density
geocradius Estimate radius of ellipsoid planet at geocentric latitude
machnumber Compute Mach number using velocity and speed of sound
rrdelta Compute relative pressure ratio
rrsigma Compute relative density ratio
rrtheta Compute relative temperature ratio
quatconj Calculate conjugate of quaternion
quatdivide Divide quaternion by another quaternion
quatexp Exponential of quaternion
quatinterp Quaternion interpolation between two quaternions
quatinv Calculate inverse of quaternion
quatlog Natural logarithm of quaternion
quatmod Calculate modulus of quaternion
quatmultiply Calculate product of two quaternions
quatnorm Calculate norm of quaternion
quatnormalize Normalize quaternion
quatpower Power of quaternion
quatrotate Rotate vector by quaternion
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