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Aero.Animation class

Package: Aero

Visualize aerospace animation


Use the Aero.Animation class to visualize flight data without any other tool or toolbox. You only need the Aerospace Toolbox to visualize this data.


Aero.AnimationConstruct animation object


addBodyAdd loaded body to animation object and generate its patches
createBodyCreate body and its associated patches in animation
deleteDestroy animation object
hideHide animation figure
initializeCreate animation object figure and axes and build patches for bodies
initIfNeededInitialize animation graphics if needed
moveBodyMove body in animation object
playAnimate Aero.Animation object given position/angle time series
removeBodyRemove one body from animation
showShow animation object figure
updateBodiesUpdate bodies of animation object
updateCameraUpdate camera in animation object


BodiesSpecify name of animation object
CameraSpecify camera that animation object contains
FigureSpecify name of figure object
FigureCustomizationFcnSpecify figure customization function
FramesPerSecondAnimation rate
NameSpecify name of animation object
TCurrentCurrent time
TFinalEnd time
TimeScalingScaling time
TStartStart time
VideoCompressionVideo recording compression file type
VideoFileNameVideo recording file name
VideoQualityVideo recording quality
VideoRecordVideo recording
VideoTFinalVideo recording stop time for scheduled recording
VideoTStartVideo recording start time for scheduled recording
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