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load (Aero.Body)

Get geometry data from source


load(h, bodyDataSrc)
load(h, bodyDataSrc, geometrysource)
h.load(bodyDataSrc, geometrysource)


load(h, bodyDataSrc) and h.load(bodyDataSrc) load the graphics data from the body graphics file. This command assumes a default geometry source type set to Auto.

load(h, bodyDataSrc, geometrysource) and h.load(bodyDataSrc, geometrysource) load the graphics data from the body graphics file, bodyDataSrc, into the face, vertex, and color data of the animation body object h. Then, when axes ax is available, you can use this data to generate patches with generatePatches. geometrysource is the geometry source type for the body.

By default geometrysource is set to Auto, which recognizes .mat extensions as MAT-files, .ac extensions as Ac3d files, and structures containing fields of name, faces, vertices, and cdata as MATLAB® variables. If you want to use alternate file extensions or file types, enter one of the following:

  • Auto

  • Variable

  • MatFile

  • Ac3d

  • Custom


Load the graphic data from the graphic data file,, into b.


Introduced in R2007a

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