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Aerospace Toolbox Product Description

Aerospace reference standards, environmental models, and aerodynamic coefficient importing

Aerospace Toolbox provides reference standards, environmental models, and aerodynamic coefficient importing for performing advanced aerospace analysis to develop and evaluate your designs. Options for visualizing vehicle dynamics include a six-degrees-of-freedom MATLAB® animation object and interfaces to FlightGear flight simulator and Simulink® 3D Animation™ software. These options let you visualize flight data in a three-dimensional (3-D) environment and reconstruct behavioral anomalies in flight-test results.

Key Features

  • Includes standards-based environmental models for atmosphere, gravity, geoid height, wind, and magnetic field

  • Converts units and transforms coordinate systems and spatial representations

  • Implements predefined utilities for aerospace parameter calculations, time calculations, and quaternion math

  • Imports aerodynamic coefficients from the U.S. Air Force Digital Data Compendium (Datcom)

  • Provides options for visualizing vehicle dynamics in a 3-D environment, including an interface to FlightGear flight simulator

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