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Aero.Animation Objects

The toolbox interface to animation objects uses the Handle Graphics® capability. The Overlaying Simulated and Actual Flight Data (astmlanim) example visually compares simulated and actual flight trajectory data by creating animation objects, creating bodies for those objects, and loading the flight trajectory data.

  • Create and configure an animation object.

  • Load recorded data for flight trajectories.

  • Display body geometries in a figure window.

  • Play back flight trajectories using the animation object.

  • Manipulate the camera.

  • Move and reposition bodies.

  • Create a transparency in the first body.

  • Change the color of the second body.

  • Turn off the landing gear of the second body.

Running the Example

  1. Start the MATLAB® software.

  2. Enter astmlanim in the MATLAB Command Window.

    While running, the example performs several steps by issuing a series of commands.

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