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Aero.VirtualRealityAnimation Objects

The Aerospace Toolbox interface to virtual reality animation objects uses the Simulink® 3D Animation™ software. For more information, see Aero.VirtualRealityAnimation, Aero.Node, and Aero.Viewpoint.

  • Create, configure, and initialize an animation object.

  • Enable the tracking of changes to virtual worlds.

  • Load the animation world.

  • Load time series data for simulation.

  • Set coordination information for the object.

  • Add a chase helicopter to the object.

  • Load time series data for chase helicopter simulation.

  • Set coordination information for the new object.

  • Add a new viewpoint for the helicopter.

  • Play the animation.

  • Create a new viewpoint.

  • Add a route.

  • Add another helicopter.

  • Remove bodies.

  • Revert to the original world.

Running the Example

  1. Start the MATLAB® software.

  2. Enter astvranim in the MATLAB Command Window.

    While running, the example performs several steps by issuing a series of commands.

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