Unit Conversions

Conversion of units, such as mass, pressure, and density, and time calculations

Convert physical property units, such as acceleration, density, and temperature, between metric and English units. For a list of supported aerospace units, see Aerospace Units. Also convert specified dates to Julian equivalents.


convacc Convert from acceleration units to desired acceleration units
convang Convert from angle units to desired angle units
convangacc Convert from angular acceleration units to desired angular acceleration units
convangvel Convert from angular velocity units to desired angular velocity units
convdensity Convert from density units to desired density units
convforce Convert from force units to desired force units
convlength Convert from length units to desired length units
convmass Convert from mass units to desired mass units
convpres Convert from pressure units to desired pressure units
convtemp Convert from temperature units to desired temperature units
convvel Convert from velocity units to desired velocity units
decyear Decimal year calculator
juliandate Julian date calculator
leapyear Determine leap year
mjuliandate Modified Julian date calculator
tdbjuliandate Estimate Julian date for Barycentric Dynamical Time


Aerospace Units

Use units and unit conversion functions available with the Aerospace Toolbox software.

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