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Antenna Modeling and Visualization

Antenna selection, parameterization, geometry visualization

To learn how to create, visualize, and analyze antennas, see Antenna Modeling and Analysis.

To view antenna radiation patterns at their default operating frequencies, see Antenna Radiation Patterns.


Antenna Designer Design, visualize, and analyze antennas

Using Objects

bowtieRounded Create rounded bowtie dipole antenna
bowtieTriangular Create planar bowtie dipole antenna
dipole Create strip dipole antenna
dipoleFolded Create strip dipole antenna
dipoleMeander Create meander dipole antenna
dipoleVee Create V-dipole antenna
dipoleHelix Create helical dipole antenna
dipoleBlade Create blade dipole antenna
dipoleCycloid Create cycloid dipole antenna
invertedF Create inverted-F antenna over rectangular ground plane
invertedL Create inverted-L antenna over rectangular ground plane
invertedFcoplanar Create inverted-F antenna in same plane as rectangular ground plane
invertedLcoplanar Create inverted-L antenna in same plane as rectangular ground plane
monopole Create monopole antenna over rectangular ground plane
monopoleTopHat Create capacitively loaded monopole antenna over rectangular ground plane
loopCircular Create circular loop antenna
loopRectangular Create rectangular loop antenna
spiralArchimedean Create Archimedean spiral antenna
spiralEquiangular Create equiangular spiral antenna
patchMicrostrip Create microstrip patch antenna
pifa Create planar inverted-F antenna
biquad Create biquad antenna
cavity Create cavity-backed antenna
helix Create helix antenna on ground plane
horn Create horn antenna
reflector Create reflector-backed antenna
slot Create rectangular slot antenna on ground plane
vivaldi Create Vivaldi notch antenna on ground plane
yagiUda Create Yagi-Uda array antenna
waveguide Create rectangular waveguide
customAntennaGeometry Create antenna represented by 2-D custom geometry
customAntennaMesh Create 2-D custom mesh antenna on X-Y plane
pcbStack Single-feed or multifeed PCB antenna


show Display antenna or array structure

Examples and How To

Antenna Modeling and Analysis

This example shows how to construct, visualize and analyze the antenna elements in the Antenna Toolbox.


Antenna Classification

Antennas are classified based on the radiation pattern or the feeding mechanism.

Antenna Toolbox Coordinate System

Antenna Toolbox™ uses two types of coordinate system: rectangular coordinate system and spherical coordinate system .

Infinite Ground Plane

Antenna Toolbox library element uses the image theory technique to model an infinite ground plane.

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