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Antenna Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
addBoolean unite operation on two shapes
andShape1 & Shape2
angleAngle between sites
antenna.CircleCreate circle centered at origin on X-Y plane
antenna.PolygonCreate polygon on X-Y plane
antenna.RectangleCreate rectangle centered at origin on X-Y plane
areaCalculate area of shape in sq.m
arrayFactorArray factor in dB
axialRatioAxial ratio of antenna
beamwidthBeamwidth of antenna
biquadCreate biquad antenna
birdcageCreates birdcage (MRI coil)
bowtieRoundedCreate rounded bowtie dipole antenna
bowtieTriangularCreate planar bowtie dipole antenna
cavityCreate cavity-backed antenna
cavityCircularCreate circular cavity-backed antenna
chargeCharge distribution on metal or dielectric antenna or array surface
circularArrayCreate circular antenna array
cloverleafCreate three-petal cloverleaf antenna
conformalArrayCreate conformal antenna array
correlationCorrelation coefficient between two antennas in array
coverageDisplay coverage map
currentCurrent distribution on metal or dielectric antenna or array surface
customAntennaGeometryCreate antenna represented by 2-D custom geometry
customAntennaMeshCreate 2-D custom mesh antenna on X-Y plane
customArrayGeometryCreate array represented by 2-D custom geometry
customArrayMeshCreate 2-D custom mesh antenna on X-Y plane
cylinder2stripCylinder equivalent width approximation
designDesign prototype antenna for resonance at specified frequency
dielectricDielectric material for use as substrate
DielectricCatalogCatalog of dielectric materials
dipoleCreate strip dipole antenna
dipoleBladeCreate blade dipole antenna
dipoleCycloidCreate cycloid dipole antenna
dipoleFoldedCreate folded dipole antenna
dipoleHelixCreate helical dipole antenna
dipoleMeanderCreate meander dipole antenna
dipoleVeeCreate V-dipole antenna
distanceDistance between sites
EHfieldsElectric and magnetic fields of antennas; Embedded electric and magnetic fields of antenna element in arrays
feedCurrentCalculate current at feed for antenna or array
fieldsCustomPlot electric or magnetic fields of antenna
gerberWriteGenerate Gerber files
helixCreate helix antenna on ground plane
helixpitch2spacingSpacing between turns of helix
hideHide site location on map
hornCreate horn antenna
hornangle2sizeEquivalent flare width and height from flare angles
impedanceInput impedance of antenna; scan impedance of array
infiniteArrayCreate 2-D custom mesh antenna on X-Y plane
infoDisplay information about antenna or array
intersectBoolean intersection operation on two shapes
invertedFCreate inverted-F antenna over rectangular ground plane
invertedFcoplanarCreate inverted-F antenna in same plane as rectangular ground plane
invertedLCreate inverted-L antenna over rectangular ground plane
invertedLcoplanarCreate inverted-L antenna in same plane as rectangular ground plane
layoutDisplay array layout
linearArrayCreate linear antenna array
linkDisplay communication link on map
loopCircularCreate circular loop antenna
loopRectangularCreate rectangular loop antenna
lumpedElementLumped element circuit to load antenna
meshMesh properties of metal or dielectric antenna or array structure
meshconfigChange mesh mode of antenna structure
minusShape1 - Shape2
monopoleCreate monopole antenna over rectangular ground plane
monopoleTopHatCreate capacitively loaded monopole antenna over rectangular ground plane
msireadRead MSI planet antenna file
msiwriteWrite data in MSI planet antenna file format
patchMicrostripCreate microstrip patch antenna
patchMicrostripCircularCreate probe-fed circular microstrip patch antenna
patchMicrostripInsetfedCreate inset-fed microstrip patch antenna
patternRadiation pattern of antenna or array; Embedded pattern of antenna element in array
patternAzimuthAzimuth pattern of antenna or array
patternCustomPlot radiation pattern
patternElevationElevation pattern of antenna or array
patternMultiplyRadiation pattern of array using pattern multiplication
PCBConnectorsRF connector at antenna feedpoint
PCBServicesCustomize PCB file generation for PCB manufacturing service
pcbStackSingle-feed or multi-feed PCB antenna
PCBWriterCreate PCB board definitions from 2-D antenna designs
pifaCreate planar inverted-F antenna
planeWaveExcitationCreate plane wave excitation environment for antenna or array
plotPlot boundary of shape
plusShape1 + Shape2
polarpatternInteractive plot of radiation patterns in polar format
propagationModelCreate RF propagation model
rectangularArrayCreate rectangular antenna array
reflectorCreate reflector-backed antenna
reflectorCircularCreate circular reflector-backed antenna
returnLossReturn loss of antenna; scan return loss of array
rotateRotate shape about axis and angle
rotateXRotate shape about X-axis and angle
rotateYRotate shape about Y-axis and angle
rotateZRotate shape about Z-axis and angle
rxsiteCreate radio frequency receiver site
scaleChange the size of the shape by a fixed amount
sectorInvertedAmosCreate inverted Amos sector antenna
showDisplay antenna or array structure; Display shape as filled patch
showShow site location on map
sigstrengthSignal strength due to transmitter
slotCreate rectangular slot antenna on ground plane
smithplotPlot of measurement data on Smith chart
sparametersS-parameter object
spiralArchimedeanCreate Archimedean spiral antenna
spiralEquiangularCreate equiangular spiral antenna
subtractBoolean subtraction operation on two shapes
translateMove shape to new location
txsiteCreate radio frequency transmitter site
vivaldiCreate Vivaldi notch antenna on ground plane
vswrVoltage standing wave ratio of antenna
waveguideCreate rectangular waveguide
yagiUdaCreate Yagi-Uda array antenna
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