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Antenna Toolbox Limitations

The Antenna Toolbox™ does not support the following features.

Antenna Library

This antenna library objects does not support:

  • PIFA and inverted–F antennas with the infinite ground plane.

  • Antenna analysis at frequencies less than 1 kHz or greater than 200 GHz.

  • pcbStack cannot be used with any arrays, or planeWaveExcitation elements in the library

  • gerberWrite works only with one feed location or port.

Array Library

This array library objects does not support:

  • Arrays using slot, and cavity antennas.

  • Reflector-based arrays using helix, slot, Vivaldi, cavity, PIFA antennas as exciters.

  • Building arrays using antennas with tilted ground planes.

  • Conformal arrays created using unbalanced antennas with infinite ground plane.

  • Infinite arrays using dielectric materials.

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