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Model Infinite Ground Plane for Unbalanced Antennas

This example shows how to model an infinite ground plane and calculate fundamental antenna parameters for unbalanced antennas.

Create Antenna On Infinite Ground Plane

Create a patch microstrip antenna on a ground plane of infinite length.

p = patchMicrostrip('GroundPlaneLength', inf)
p = 

  patchMicrostrip with properties:

               Length: 0.0750
                Width: 0.0375
               Height: 0.0060
            Substrate: [1x1 dielectric]
    GroundPlaneLength: Inf
     GroundPlaneWidth: 0.0750
    PatchCenterOffset: [0 0]
           FeedOffset: [-0.0187 0]
                 Tilt: 0
             TiltAxis: [1 0 0]
                 Load: [1x1 lumpedElement]

View Antenna Geometry

View the physical construction of the patch microstrip antenna using infinite ground plane.


Calculate Impedance of Antenna

Calculate the impedance of the antenna over a freqeuncy range of 1.60 GHz to 1.70 GHz.


Plot Radiation Pattern of Antenna

Plot the radiation pattern of the antenna at a frequency of 1.67 GHz.


Visualize Antenna Mesh

Mesh and view the infinite ground plane patch microstrip antenna.


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