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Site Viewer Hardware Graphics


Transmitter and receiver site for RF propagation visualization involves a map display called the Site Viewer. You can use the Home button to the default home location of the Site Viewer.

The Site Viewer includes in canvas pan, zoom, and rotation. Site Viewer can have only one window open at a time.

Dimension Picker

The dimension picker offers three choices: 3-D, 2-D and Columbus View.

  • 3-D View – Provides a smooth globe. This is the default view.

  • 2-D View – Provides a flat map in Mercator projection.

  • Columbus View – Provides a flat map in Mercator projection that allows tilt and rotation.


Basemaps are the underlying maps used by the Site Viewer.

You can select the basemaps using the basemap picker. You need an active internet connection for all basemaps except Dark Water.The following options are available:

  • ESRI World Imagery

  • ESRI World Street Map

  • OpenStreet-Map

  • Dark Water

  • Gray Land

  • Blue Green

  • Gray Terrain

  • Color Terrain

  • Land Cover

By default, Site Viewer uses ESRI World Imagery. You need an active internet connection for all basemaps except Dark Water.

Use ESRI World Imagery for high quality satellite imagery. Use ESRI World Street Map, or OpenStreet-Map for imagery of roads, labels, and political boundaries.

Use The MathWorks® natural earth basemaps for low resolution but more controls and color scheme options in basemaps.


Two-Tone BasemapsDescriptionNatural Earth BasemapsDescription


Land areas: light-to-moderate gray

Ocean and water areas: darker gray

This is the default map.


Shaded relief combined with custom elevation colors based on climate—humid lowlands are green and arid lowlands brown.


Land areas: light-to-moderate gray land

Ocean and water areas: white


Worldwide terrain depicted monochromatically in shades of gray, combining shaded relief that emphasizes both high mountains and the micro terrain found in lowlands.


Land areas: light green

Ocean and water areas: light blue


Satellite-derived land cover data and shaded relief presented with a light, natural palette suitable for making thematic and reference maps (includes ocean-bottom relief).


Data Source Connection Failure

When you start Site Viewer up on running a txsite or rxsite object, a check is made to make sure that you can reach the ESRI map server. If this check fails a warning is displayed on the MATLAB® command window. In this case, Dark Water basemap is displayed.

If any of the basemaps selected cannot be assessed, there is no underlying imagery and the map is displayed in solid color.

Graphics Environment

Site Viewer can fail to launch because of two reasons:

  • In MATLAB, opengl is set to software graphics. The following error message is displayed:

    For more information, see opengl.

  • When starting Site Viewer, JavaScript support for Webgl support fails. The following error message is displayed:

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