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Getting Started with Audio System Toolbox


Real-Time Audio Processing

Real-Time Audio in MATLAB

Create a script to process and analyze real time audio signals.

Real-Time Audio in Simulink

Create a model using the Simulink® templates and blocks for audio processing.

Audio Plugins in MATLAB

Design an Audio Plugin

Learn about the role, definition, and design of audio plugins in Audio System Toolbox™.

Convert MATLAB Code to an Audio Plugin

Repackage a procedural stream processing algorithm as a valid audio plugin object.

Host External Audio Plugins

Walk through the process for hosting externally authored plugins in MATLAB®.


Export a MATLAB Plugin to a DAW

Design and generate audio plugins for use in a DAW.

Convert Audio Plugin System Objects to Simulink Blocks

Deploy a System object™ plugin to the Simulink environment using the MATLAB System block.

Desktop Real-Time Audio Acceleration with MATLAB Coder

Accelerate a real-time audio application using C code generation with MATLAB Coder™.

Deploy Audio Applications with MATLAB Compiler

This example shows how to use MATLAB Compiler™ to create a standalone application from a MATLAB function.

Generate Standalone Executable for Parametric Audio Equalizer

This example shows how to generate a standalone executable for parametric equalization using MATLAB Coder™ and use it on an audio file.

About Audio Processing

What Are DAWs, Audio Plugins, and MIDI Controllers?

Learn about the role of digital audio workstations (DAWs), audio plugins, and Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) controllers in designing audio processing algorithms.

Audio I/O: Buffering, Latency, and Throughput

Learn key terminology and basic techniques for optimizing stream processing algorithms.

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