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Audio System Toolbox Product Description

Design and test audio processing systems

Audio System Toolbox™ provides algorithms and tools for the design, simulation, and desktop prototyping of audio processing systems. It enables low-latency signal streaming from and to audio interfaces, interactive parameter tuning, and automatic generation of audio plugins for digital audio workstations.

Audio System Toolbox includes libraries of audio processing algorithms (such as filtering, equalization, dynamic range control, and reverberation), sources (such as audio oscillators and wavetable synthesizers), and measurements (such as A- and C-weighting). Interfaces to external MIDI controls and low-latency audio drivers such as ASIO™, ALSA, and CoreAudio enable you to validate multichannel audio designs in MATLAB® or Simulink®. You can generate VST plugins from MATLAB code. For simulation acceleration or desktop prototyping, the toolbox supports C/C++ code generation.

Algorithms are available as MATLAB functions, System objects, and Simulink blocks.

Key Features

  • VST plugin generation for digital audio workstations

  • Interfaces to ASIO, ALSA, CoreAudio, and other low-latency audio drivers

  • Interfaces to MIDI controls for real-time tuning of MATLAB and Simulink simulations

  • Audio processing algorithms, sources, and measurements for crossover and equalization filtering, dynamic range control, reverberation, wavetable synthesis, and other tasks

  • Support for C code generation

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